Vinea Tirolensis 2017

18 October 2017, Bozen/Bolzano Fair “Hotel”

100 winemakers and 1 great passion
these are the free wine growers

100 winegrowers from all parts of South Tyrol now belong to the Independent Wine Growers. They grow wine on 450 hectares and produce 2.7 million bottles of red and white wines per year, which corresponds to about six percent of South Tyrol’s wine production.

The highlight of the event year is the traditional tasting event “Vinea Tirolensis”. The “Hotel” trade fair once again provided the perfect setting for this event.

The approximately 1000 visitors among them customers, wine lovers, gastronomes and partners from the hotel business were able to taste their selection of over 350 wines and get to know the different winegrowers’ personalities.

DEGUST provided special moments of pleasure with refined cheese.

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