Good Italian wines guide 2020 (Vinibuoni d’Italia)

Following the tastings and selections made by the regional commissions of the guide Vinibuoni d’Italia our winery has been selected for the 2020 edition with all current indigenous wines and their scores

Inspired by the Italian winemaking tradition and aimed at enhancing the local roots, territory and typicality, Vinibuoni d’Italia gives a clear signal to consumers and the Italian and foreign market, on the made in Italy wine.

The guide is unique on the Italian and international scene because it is the only one dedicated to wines from native vines, that is to say those wines produced 100% from indigenous vines that have been present in the peninsula for over 300 years.

Vinibuoni d’Italia is based on an exceptional selection process for commitment and transparency. In fact, more than 80 tasters work together in 21 work committees operating in their region of expertise.

The final for the award of the highest awards, the Crown and the Golden Star, is made publicly and is open – a unique case in Italy – to the participation of the media.