Grape Ripeness Inspection in the Vineyards: Vernatsch/Schiava & Lagrein

Vernatsch/Schiava grape ripeness check by hand

GrapeHarvest in the air: The tension is rising!

This year we have to take special care of the beloved Schiava/Vernatsch/Trollinger grapes. In many places like in the picture fortunately they look very beautiful, but the thin-skinned grapes need a sugar boost in the next weeks to become our favorites to eat.

And then, of course, to become our beloved St. Magdalener Classico of the Vintage 2019 in the blend of the different vine clones and with the darker very well doing Lagrein. We think in 3-4 weeks we will begin taking in those two varieties; depending how the conditions develop.

Come on! You can make dreams come true Noble Native Grapes!