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See what Wine Writer Kevin DayOpening a Bottle writes about our Noblest in:
First-Taste Guide to Alto Adige Schiava – Alto Adige’s Sleeper Red Asks for Reconsideration.

I prefer Santa Maddalena wines over varietal Schiava and those from Lago di Caldero ever so slightly. The splash of Lagrein seems to add a greater depth and fruitiness that nicely rounds out the tart elements of varietal Schiava. Of these, the Santa Maddalena/St. Magdalener 2018 from Obermoser called “Nobilis” (★★★★ 1/2) is the most intense and vibrant that I’ve tried, with a surprising plushness.

Schiava Vineyards in St. Magdalena with Obermoser in spring

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Schiava is on the rise as a handful of producers are devoting themselves more fully to it. This is no longer just a cheap, light-bright red to ship over the Alps to their Germanic neighbors. Schiava can be serious, particularly when it is given a touch of Lagrein — a blend known as St. Magdalener/Santa Maddalena after the mountainside where the vineyards are located. Obermoser’s St. Magdalener Classico 2018 called “Nobilis” (★★★★ 1/2) is as intense as any St. Magdalener I’ve tried. The kirschy, cherry-like flavors have a plushness to them that is surprising, as Schiava is often a lean and spirited wine. That liveliness doesn’t arrive until the finish — just when you need it for a second sip — making this wine a compelling rendition. 

More on point quotes from Kevin about the most classical NativeWine and Reasons to try it:

– Why So Serious?
– You Have Developed a Taste for Gamay/Beaujolais.
– You’re Looking for a Versatile, Reliable Sipper.

Superb wine to open on a porch in summer … or, ditch the chill and open it as a warm-up act to your Christmas roast. It goes both ways.

The rolling green carpet of Schiava vines with the Dolomites in the distance is among the prettiest vineyard landscapes in the world.

So we hope sooner then later our Nobilis can be tasted at the East or West Coast of the USA. You can find our St. Magdalener Classico at Enotria Wine Imports in New York, NY 10011. 😉