Video Viticulture Alto Adige: work in the vegetation phase has begun

Mini-Movie 🌿 We started working on the vines. They grow very well. 🔝 You see Thomas especially in the roof of the pergola removing branches and leaves to free the vines so sun and air can enter. 💪 The aim for the next weeks and months: better flowering and growth of the grapes and less need for treatments in the vineyards. 🙏
At the video start the map and picture position of the filming. 🌿

Information about the vineyard: 🌄 hill facing south and a little bit east; 🌞 terrain: morainic and alluvial; parcel KG Zwölfmalgreien BolzanoBozen, height approx. 355 m, area planted with grapevines registered DOC SüdtirolWein St. Magdalener Classico (AltoAdigeWines); 🌱 varieties of Vernatsch/Schiava (👑 Gross, Tschaggele, Mitter/Gentile, Grau/Grigia) and Lagrein at the borders; Cultivation system: Pergola; Age of vines: average (~25 years);