Lorenzinacht 路 Calici di stelle 2024 路 Local wine open air party

Wine stand team 2022: Trio Vinfernale

9th August 2024: we will rock again the Lauben/Portici street at Bolzano/Bozen from 6pm to the midnight. Welcoming many clients, friends, locals and tourists to get at least one glass of our #EnjoyVino wine.

Together with the stands of our winegrower colleagues, food specialists and sommeliers it will be a memorable “Lorenzo’s Night” celebrating the long wine tradition in our winetown.

Thanks in advance to Tata, Werner, Balbo, Noah, RoC.bz etc.
See tasting best local wines in the beautiful old town!

Other BZ wine town events in 2024:

  • 6th Sept. 18.00-23.00 pm St. Magdalener Culinarium
  • End of October Wineevent Walther square